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Hair Mineral Analysis For Horses

Horse Hair Analysis can take the guessing out of diagnosing equine health issues.

 Pinpointing health issues in your horse.

Many horse owners treat sore muscles and stiffness with time off or NSAIDs (such as Bute) or they constantly battle problems such as hives with a number of prescribed treatments recommended by their attending veterinarian.  The effectiveness will be short lived if the real issue is a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Has your horse been living with deficient levels of essential minerals or possibly exposed to toxic metals?

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Horse Ulcer Treatment and Prevention

Ulcers are the single-most preventable, performance inhibiting disease that horses are forced to deal with today. Treatment and prevention are easy even for the inexperienced horse owner.

What can I do to treat and prevent horse ulcers?

The first suggestion is a change in diet. Horses whose diets lack enough hay typically have ulcers. Grains containing carbohydrates and sugar cause high levels of acid production during digestion, which also promotes ulcer formation. It is very important for horses to be able to

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How Stress Can Cause Cushing’s Syndrome in Horses

Mark DePaolo, DVM explains how stress can cause effects that can progress into Cushing’s Syndrome. Many of today’s horses are exposed to daily low-grade long term stress. As the severity of these stressors build, a horse’s susceptibility to Cushing’s Syndrome dramatically increase. 

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Recent Articles


Using the Glycemic Index To Evaluate Your Feed Program

Are you providing the best diet for your horse?  Good nutrition is the cornerstone of having a healthy horse.  We think that by feeding hay and “grain” or a complete feed we are giving our horses a diet to support a high level of performance; but many complete feeds contain ingredients that are actually harmful to your horse’s health.  Dr. Mark recently wrote an article for the Arabian Horse World Magazine explaining the Glycemic Index and how you can use it to increase health & performance. Read more »


Don’t Be Fooled By The Pet Food Industry

At DePaolo Equine Concepts, we focus much of our owner education on equine nutrition.  Many of the popular horse feeds out there contain ingredients that can be detrimental to your horse’s health.  Why are they added if they aren’t healthy for my horse? Because they are cheap, easily accessible and they are appealing to the owner (either visually or aromatically).  The same rings true Read more »


Winter Sale – 15% Off Everything!


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Horses need electrolytes all year round

Horses need electrolytes for proper cellular function. Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are the primary electrolytes. The cheapest forms of these minerals are bound to chloride, which is NOT recommended for a top quality electrolyte supplement. A lack of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium may affect performance, recovery time, sensitivity to touch, anxiety and attitude in horses. The only way to improve deficiencies is to increase the levels of key electrolytes, vitamins and minerals with bio-available supplementation.

To address this concern, we recommend starting with a Read more »

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Feeding An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

We had so many comments on our “Two Things To NEVER Feed Your Horse” post and the What Goes In The Bucket? post that we will continue to focus periodically on an overall healthy feed program on the blog.  It is exciting to see owners wanting to learn more about what is actually going into their horse.  It is even better when they make changes to improve their horse’s diet; and it is THE BEST when they let us know how they have seen a change in their horse! Read more »


Fall Into Some Great Western Fashion

The weather has finally turned a bit chilly in Texas and we are more than ready to get out our autumn wardrobe.  Here are a few of our favorite fall fashions… Read more »


We Are All Over The Map!

The US Arabian Nationals just wrapped in Tulsa, and our endorsees Freewill Farm and Setting Sun Stables brought home an impressive 12 National Championships!  Now it’s time for the AQHA, NRHA and BFA organizations to bring their best horses and riders out for their championship shows.   Read more »


Feeding A Horse With A Neurologic Disease

When feeding a horse with a neurologic disease, there are several things you can do to help insure your horse is getting the right nutrition and that he is able to do it safely and comfortably.

Feeding in a hay net or on top of a raised surface is recommended since horses with neurologic diseases have trouble balancing especially when Read more »


Take a break from the horse show in Tulsa

Dr. Mark is currently at US National Arabian Horse Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is one of his busiest horse shows of the year.  Even though Dr. Mark doesn’t have too much down time if you are in Tulsa and need a break from the show maybe you should try some of the non-horse activities the city has to offer. Read more »


Harmony Supplement – Before and After Treatment

Typically we recommend Harmony for horses dealing with Endocrine disorders.  This supplement can help even out a horse’s temperament and hormone levels.  Often when a horse’s endocrine health is severely compromised, for example when they have Cushings Syndrome this can lead to founder or chronic laminitis.  Below are two videos Read more »