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Hair Mineral Analysis For Horses

Horse Hair Analysis can take the guessing out of diagnosing equine health issues.

 Pinpointing health issues in your horse.

Many horse owners treat sore muscles and stiffness with time off or NSAIDs (such as Bute) or they constantly battle problems such as hives with a number of prescribed treatments recommended by their attending veterinarian.  The effectiveness will be short lived if the real issue is a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Has your horse been living with deficient levels of essential minerals or possibly exposed to toxic metals?

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Horse Ulcer Treatment and Prevention

Ulcers are the single-most preventable, performance inhibiting disease that horses are forced to deal with today. Treatment and prevention are easy even for the inexperienced horse owner.

What can I do to treat and prevent horse ulcers?

The first suggestion is a change in diet. Horses whose diets lack enough hay typically have ulcers. Grains containing carbohydrates and sugar cause high levels of acid production during digestion, which also promotes ulcer formation. It is very important for horses to be able to

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How Stress Can Cause Cushing’s Syndrome in Horses

Mark DePaolo, DVM explains how stress can cause effects that can progress into Cushing’s Syndrome. Many of today’s horses are exposed to daily low-grade long term stress. As the severity of these stressors build, a horse’s susceptibility to Cushing’s Syndrome dramatically increase. 

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Recent Articles

bitchy mare

Do you think your horse has ulcers?

Read Terri’s story and see if this sounds familiar…

I don’t typically take the time to write reviews online about products that I purchase, but your Excel product it just absolutely amazing and I had to make sure I sent you my thanks for your product. I purchased my horse from another person at my boarding facility and he was nervous, anxious, and a mess from the beginning. My trainer and his wife have used your product for quite some time and recommended that I put my horse on it. I purchased your product and starting feeding it and all I can tell you is the results were amazing!

My horse used to be cinchy, to the point that I could barely get him saddled.  That does not happen anymore. My horse was also was very flighty from the day I bought him, spooking at anything in the arena or out on the trail.  Your product has really calmed him down and he does not have much that spooks him anymore. He is relaxed and calm now to the point that we are working cows on a regular basis.

The other thing that I have seen an improvement on with my horse is his weight. When I purchased him, he was underweight by about 150 pounds and I pumped food into him like crazy. I was feeding massive amounts of grain, beet pulp, weight adding supplements…practically anything that would put/keep weight on him. After I started feeding excel it was amazing how fast he put weight on and he looks amazing. People comment now how great he is looking at the muscle weight that he keeps putting on.

I am absolutely amazed by the changes that your product have made in my horse and thank you so much for giving me the horse that I have always wanted.

Much appreciated!

Terri R.

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Man rescues dogs and drives them on a homemade dog train.

All Aboard!

What a great way to bring some joy to rescued dogs!  Local Fort Worth retiree, Eugene Bostick, has been taking care of stray dogs for over a decade.  He found a way to give them some extra happiness with his doggie train.  A few times a week Bostick hooks up the cars Read more »


Common Equine Nutrition Questions

Dr. Mark gets a ton of questions about nutrition and proper feeding protocol. Below is an email exchange between Dr. Mark and a customer. This advice is beneficial for all horse owners….

Thank you for the great nutrition information!  I especially like the “What Goes in the Bucket” chart; very helpful.  I will be gradually changing his diet to a healthier, low-sugar program.  I do have a question or two, though. Read more »


Equestrian Olympics 2016

The Equestrian Olympics start today!  Did you ever wonder how the horses travel.  In style of course….


To watch all of the excitement on television, review the schedule below:


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.27.50 PM


The best option to watch the equestrian events in their entirety is the lifestream on the NBC Olympics website or the NBC Sports app.  Good luck Team USA!



Treating dehydration in horses

The heat of summer is upon us and so is competition season.  Although this is a great time enjoy your horse, it is very important to monitor his hydration and water intake.  Once it has been determined that a horse is dehydrated, the severity of the dehydration dictates the kind of treatment necessary to get the horse back to a properly hydrated state.

There are three categories of dehydration: Read more »


Samples Of Our Best Selling Products

Occassionally a customer will ask for a sample of a product to try in the event that their horse is a picky eater.  We have answered your request!  Our two top sellers (for shelved items rather than the custom made HHA Personal Supplement) are now available as 2 dose samples. Read more »

cushings_1 edited

Supplements For Horses With Endocrine Issues

Proper diet has an immense effect on maintaining a healthy endocrine system.  Cushings, Pre-Cushings, Hypothyroidism, Endocrine Syndrome and Insulin Resistance all have one thing in common: pituitary gland dysfunction. Most of these diseases are brought about by stress like competitions, trailering, sweet feeds, stalling, medicating, vaccinating, and daily dewormers. Read more »



So many equestrian competitors spend a lot of time showing in Oklahoma City.  Every once in a while it is nice to depart from the fairgrounds and explore a bit of the city.  For years I’ve ventured up to the restaurants on Meridian Ave. or over to the stockyards but I’ve decided to dig a little deeper into the “new and improved” OKC and this is what I found…. Read more »

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.27.21 PM

Hauling Stress – Part 3

This is the third post in a 3 part series on the stresses of hauling especially in the hot summer months.  To read the previous posts, click on Post 1 or Post 2.

70% of the immune system is contained in the digestive tract. The immune system is the key to optimum health. It protects your horse from the diseases that can commonly spread when so many horses are in such close proximity at large events. Read more »


15% Off Everything!

It’s that time of year for 15% off everything in the online store!


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