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March 28, 2011

Bath day!

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Every few months my friend, Nikki, comes to wash and clip the dogs.  She is the quintessential OC beach bunny…Blonde, adorable and super friendly.

It is no wonder why my dogs love her until they see her pink apron and matching pink rig. Then the one farthest from the door makes a quick get away and hides (usually on the back of the couch) until it is their turn to walk the plank.

I usually go check on them once or twice while they are getting shaved down, paw massages and blueberry facials – yes I said blueberry facials!

The two females hate the bows in the ears (even though Nikki uses real baby barrettes with satin bows instead of the cheaper rubber band with bow that you usually see) so we compromise with handkerchiefs tied around the neck usually adorned with the theme of the next near holiday.  This time it was Easter.

I would have photographed the dogs with the bandanas but my son (who is almost 4) took them all off the dogs so he could wear them.  I think they have worked out some kind of a deal – he will help them out and take off the silly outfits if they finish his dinner that he so casually pushes off the table on to the floor.

Far left – Buckley, 9

Middle – Sophia, 6

Far right – Minnie, 8

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