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March 28, 2011

Revamp of the DEC Health Library

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

This week we are focusing on revamping the Nutrition section of the Health Library.While this change will be a huge undertaking, we know it will help all of you out there wondering what is the best feed for your horse, whether it is a performance or senior horse. We can’t wait to get the new articles up!

–The DEC Team

We have so many people call in with questions about the right ‘grain’ they should be feeding their horse, so we’ve decided to expand this article in our health library into several in depth smaller articles directed at specific questions and concerns we have repeatedly come across from our clients.

We hope to have this section broken out into 4 articles within the next 2 weeks. The focus will be on:

  • the digestive system
  • carbohydrates
  • the glycemic index
  • water and water testing
  • concentrates currently on the market
  • how to choose the right supplement

Some of the information will be posted on the blog but for the most targeted information on equine nutrition, feed programs and supplements please check our articles on Proper Horse Nutrition.

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