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April 18, 2011


Our new Horse Hair Analysis reminder cards

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Now don’t forget to send in your horse’s hair on purpose simply to get a cute postcard in the mail! And if you’re wondering: What in the heck is Horse Hair Analysis®?

Horse Hair Analysis® is a cutting edge lab test and customized analysis report allowing for a deeper understanding of what may be causing unsolved health problems. Every equestrian has come across a horse with unsolved problems. Often it has nothing to do with a horse’s quality, pedigree or talent. Issues keep appearing that seemingly have no solution, and no amount of blood testing, bute, feed changes or layoffs can fix the problem. It can be a very frustrating situation.

Horse Hair Analysis® is the answer.

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  1. Paula Lawrence
    Apr 20 2011

    I highly recommend the HHA, I have had all my horses tested
    the last one I just sent in a week ago.
    Of course I did not have them all tested at the same time, I would
    not be able to afford that, but over a years time I have had all three
    tested now.

  2. May 3 2011

    To be honest I don’t own a horse however I have a fascination with horse hair…I work with it every day as amongst other things I create jewellery from it. I haven’t heard of horse hair analysis before however thanks to finding your blog have a real interest in finding out more and passing on the information to my equine friends.



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