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April 29, 2011

Royal guard gets dumped during wedding procession

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Well….It happens to the best of us!  We’ve all been thrown from a horse while onlookers gawk causing much embarrassment, right?  But this one takes the wedding cake!

During the Royal Procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace a cavalry guardsman fell off his horse when it spooked at the cheering crowds.  The horse reared and he tried to cling on but lost his balance and was thrown on to the pavement.

He was able to grab the reins as Kate and William passed by in the carriage but then the horse pulled back and he let go of the reins.  The black horse then bolted past the entire procession.  Several of the mounted police tried to grab the reins of the galloping horse but none with any success.  And being true to form, the horse made its way straight back to the Horse Guards’ Barracks (the stable).

Several onlookers gasped and shrieked thinking the horse was going to dart into the crowd of 1 million people – clearly they are not horse people because that would be highly unlikely with a wide open stretch of road in front the horse.  Kate, who is reportedly allergic to horses, seemed a bit frightened but William quickly assured her the horse would be fine and caught….eventually!

And for those of us at home in the USA, suffering from insomnia and watching the broadcast live at 5AM the camera showed a brief clip of it (on NBC) and the quickly cut away.  Even with the remote handy to press rewind it was so quick that you were still left questioning yourself if that was a loose horse or your tired eyes playing a funny trick on a sleepy equestrian.

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