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May 5, 2011


From seed to feed in a week

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Grow your own nutrient packed feed in a week.  The FODDERsolutions system sprouts highly nutritious feed in just 6 days right on your farm. The smaller FODDERsolutions systems are factory assembled and shipped ready for easy site installation. Flat ground, and only simple electrical, water and drainage hook up is required. With very little maintenance and upkeep you can provide clumps of sprouted grains to your beloved horses.

The system comes complete with:

  • Growing trays
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Lighting
  • A heating and cooling ventilation system
  • Controls to maintain optimal environmental conditions

The primary grain used is barley.  This grain is full of protein, anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential vitamins/minerals.  Another benefit from feeding these sprouted grains is the moisture content.  Horses tend to drink ¼-1/2 of the water that they were drinking before being on the sprouted seeds.

The growing process is easy:

DAY 1 – Spread the grain on the trays

DAY 2-5 – Seed 1 more tray a day until day 5

DAY 6 – Sprouting day! Take the tray out and you will have 4-6 inches of vegetative growth.  Feed the nutritious sprouts, rince off the growing tray and re-sprout.

The systems cost $5000-$11,000+ depending on how many horses you are feeding.

To learn more either visit the Fodder Solutions website or watch the introductory video below.

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  1. May 19 2011

    Dr. Mark,
    Im curious on what your thoughts are on this product? As with anything that involves technology it takes money to get setup, but do you feel this has the added health/dietary benefits listed by the company? Have you had any exposure to this in person?
    Thank You,
    Chad Snyder

    • Hi Chad,
      Thanks for your inquiry. I will have Dr. Mark get back to you in the next 24 hours on this.

    • Hi Chad,
      I spoke with Dr. Mark about fodder feeding systems and although he thinks it is a great idea and is said to be very healthy he doesn’t have any direct experience with it. Since it closely resembles pasture feeding it seems to be a very natural way for your horse to get its nutrition. Dr. Mark suggests that you contact the manufacturer and try to get some testimonials or contacts of horse owners that have used these types of feeding systems.
      Best of luck,
      Carter Ellingson
      on behalf of Dr. Mark DePaolo
      DePaolo Equine Concepts


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