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May 31, 2011


The rumors are true!

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

DePaolo Equine Concepts is relocating to Horse Country U.S.A.  This summer we are leaving the Northwest and moving to Pilot Point, TX.  The area north of Dallas/Fort Worth is known as Horse Country U.S.A. for a reason.

With more than 1 million horses in Texas, the majority of large breeding farms, training centers, equine suppliers and medical specialists are located in this geographic area.  They even offer tours of this region. DePaolo Equine Concepts is going to bring its cutting edge products right to the center.

Dr. Mark is also going to relocate his veterinary chiropractic and acupuncture business to Texas as well.  He will be re-launching Pacific Northwest Equine as All Star Equine.  And the new logo is unveiled here and you are the first to see it!

DEC will be making the move in July and they will be up and running within a few days.  Owners and Trainers who live in the Pilot Point/Denton/Aubrey area are encouraged to stop by the office to pick up products and save on shipping.  Dr. Mark will also be starting his ambulatory services shortly after the move so if you have a horse needing chiropractic care or a supplementation consultation we encourage you to book your appointments in the next few weeks.

We are sorry to leave the Northwest (when it is sunny and above 70 degrees….which has only happened 2 times in 2011) but Dr. Mark will be making trips back to treat his long-time and loyal customers.  He will also head back to the Northwest to work at the large shows in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  Thank you very much for all your continued support!

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  1. Pam Burns
    May 31 2011

    I wish only the best for you Dr.Mark! I am so sad you are leaving the Pacific Northwest but it helps to know you will be “home” now and then to take care of us.

    God Bless you and thank you for everything. It is a privilage to know you and my horses are better for knowing you as well.

    All the best always,
    Pam Burns

  2. Teri Gruen
    May 31 2011

    Hey Dr. Mark, This is not good-bye, just till we meet again! You have done so much to help me and my horses, and it goes with out saying it will feel odd just knowing you are so far away. It is good to know that you are taking steps to further your practice, and the rest of us “Northwest Clients” can only benifit from that. So thank you for all you have done for us. We will be looking forward to when you “stop” by. 🙂
    Take care of yourself, and God Bless you on your new journey!
    Teri, Mary, Tess, & Indy

  3. Adriene Smith
    May 31 2011

    Boy, will my horses and I miss having you around. Now we get to share you with Texas!

    You have been such a blessing to us. I don’t know how I would have gotten through some of the hard times without your expertise.

    Wish you great success with your business and don’t forget to stay cool.

    Beamie, Ecco & PRINCE

  4. Dr. Erik & Peggy Splawn
    May 31 2011

    Dear Dr. and Mrs. DePaolo, Your friendship has endured longer distances, but knowing we can see you easily is the hard part to accept. That being said (selfishly), we are excited for your move and new business to start. The new logo is fabulous!!! Fortunately, we will see you in Texas now and again……..:) Wishing you only the biggest and best success in your new endeavor!
    Erik, Peggy, The Black Pearl G, and Waypoint Whippets

  5. Becca Wicks
    May 31 2011

    Dr Mark & Jackie –

    Good for you!!!
    I know that you will surely be missed.
    It was such a pleasure to have known you both and Remington & Magnum too!

    Take care & have fun,
    Becca Wicks

  6. Laurie Mostowich
    Jun 1 2011

    The Mostowich family, two and four legged, send you, Jacquie and your four legged friends our very best wishes for continued success in your new home.

  7. Wendy Peterson
    Jun 1 2011

    Good luck with your move, it only makes sense to be in the middle of horse country with a business as equine friendly as yours is.

    I know we have had very good luck with the products we use on our horses! Thank you and I am sure the wonderful customer service we have experienced will continue in Texas, so have a wonderful and safe move.

  8. Tricia Pausz
    Jun 3 2011

    Dear Mark & Jackie,

    While I am saddened at losing “easy’ access to you, how exciting to see you launch your business in such a big way. There are not enough ways to thank you for saving our beloved Mila’s life. When she was so sick, you truly were her last hope and as everyone can see, you worked miracles. Your care and compassion has helped us in so many ways. I will continue to sing the praises of your supplements – all one has to do is look at Mila and see how well they work! Wishing you continued success and an exciting new adventure as you take the next step in your career. We shall miss you.

  9. Marsha Browning
    Jun 3 2011

    Thank you so much. We will miss you.


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