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June 14, 2011

Provide your horse with necessary vitamins and minerals

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

In their natural state, wild horses instinctively seek the food nutrients they need from a wide variety of natural sources.  Domesticated horses today are restricted to small pastures, lots, stalls and buildings.  The availability of natural sources for minerals and vitamins dwindle in relation to the degree of confinement.  Free Choice products are natural in composition and taste, with no additives.Horses can choose their minerals and vitamins by instinct and taste alone, as they always have.

The products in this category range from minerals such as:

Sulfur (S)

When my horse, Frodo, bowed his right front tendon, I made sure to put S Mix in his stall. I feel like it helped him heal faster.   Jim Bruin – UT

Both of my horses are senior citizens. They have Free Choice S Mix in their paddock shelters. I feel like it helps their achy joints feel more comfortable. They will now run when I call them.   Barb MacDonald – VA

and Zinc (Zn)

Pair this with Magnesium (M) to offer a natural calming effect.   Dr. Mark DePaolo

I think Charlie looks and feels great since I put out the Zn Mix. He ate it right up. He must have really needed it.   Phil Stevens – WA

to the natural detox KLNZ (pronounced Cleanse).

I make sure to get Roxy and Jester’s teeth done every 12-18 months. I use KLNZ after each dentistry to help get rid of the possible negative side effects of the sedation. I need my horses ready in tip top shape for every drill practice.   Jean Lockheart – AZ

We are offering a 50% discount OFF THE CLEARANCE PRICE on  ALL Free Choice products through the end of June in our online store.  Please enter code FC50 at check out.

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