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June 23, 2011

Horse Supplement Closeout

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

We are offering 50% off all Free Choice Products in our online store while supplies last.  In their natural state, wild horses instinctively seek the food nutrients they need from a wide variety of natural sources.  Domesticated horses today are restricted to small pastures, lots, stalls and buildings.  The availability of natural sources for minerals and vitamins dwindle in relation to the degree of confinement.  Free Choice products are natural in composition and taste, with no additives.

From vitamins A, C and D to trace minerals and Selenium, Free Choice Products allow the horse to choose their own minerals and vitamins by instinct and taste alone, as they always have.

Free Choice A Mix, containing vitamin A, D and E, is great for broodmares and young horses as it enhanses immune function and increases mineral absorption.

Free Choice S Mix (Sulfur), which is the primary ingredient in garlic and MSM, assists in the repair of soft tissue, helps restore joint health and promotes a healthy haircoat and hoof.

Another great Free Choice product is KLNZ (pronounced Cleanse) which aids in detoxification.  Dr. DePaolo recommends KLNZ after the use of antibiotics, vaccination, de-worming and sedation.

All of our Free Choice Products are at 50% off through the end of June or while supplies last.  Please enter FC50 at check out.

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