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July 6, 2011

Allergies in horses and how Horse Hair Analysis can help

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Horses like dogs and cats, also suffer from environmental allergies.  It is much harder to keep horses out of the elements and wash their feet every time they walk through shaving or grass as you can do with a cat or dog.  Allergies are an immune reaction manifested as hives, bumps, itchy spots, respiratory issues etc.  If you can’t seem to shake these conditions, Dr. DePaolo strongly recommends Horse Hair Analysis®(HHA), also commonly called Hair Mineral Analysis.  HHA provides us with a tremendous opportunity to evaluate not only your horse’s health via his or her vitamin, mineral and metal levels, but it will also allow us to see if there are any mineral deficiencies or metal toxicities that could be compromising your horse’s immune system thus allowing an unnecessary reaction to seasonal allergens, pollens, wood chips or grasses.

“We had been through many health challenges with Windy. She had allergies and performance issues. She would resist moving out, would just stop, try to buck, look at her stomach or swish her tail. We did the Horse Hair Analysis to see what was challenging her immune system. The report indicated high arsenic and some other heavy metals; low selenium (common with Willamette Valley horses) and low in some other trace minerals. Dr. Mark created a special supplement to chelate the heavy metals. We’ve been feeding it a few weeks and this week things really started to change. This last week Windy has started to move freely again. It is great to see her romping out in the field and under saddle she’s much more willing to extend. I’m hoping we are nearing the end of a long transition! I feel like once these products work, they really fix the problems, and we’ve saved a tremendous regimen of vet bills!”

“Zahrah had hives for years. After doing the HHA, we purchased the personal supplement designed just for her. She has been hive free since January. We are so pleased. She’s happier, more expressive and has more energy. I highly recommend Horse Hair Analysis.”

To learn more about Horse Hair Analysis®, please visit the DePaolo Equine Concepts website.

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