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August 2, 2011

Simple vaccine guidelines for dogs and cats

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Similar to the vaccination protocol in horses, most vets recommend vaccinating at least once a year for several different vaccines.  This can have an irreversible detrimental effect on your family pet.  Below are a few quick guidelines to keeping your animals healthy and only vaccinating when necessary.

  1. Only give individual vaccines.  Do not combine vaccines when possible.  Several combined vaccines are bound with an adjuviant that can cause cancer at the injection site and contribute to mercury poisoning.
  2. Do NOT give  vaccines while other procedures are being performed such as dentistry or surgery.  Also, do not give vaccines during grooming or boarding as these are already stressful situations on your pet and the immune system may not be able to fully fight the vaccine.
  3. Do NOT vaccine a sick animal.  Only very healthy animals should be vaccinated and only when necessary.
  4. Do NOT vaccinate a pregnant animal.
  5. Only vaccinate when an animal is old enough to have a mature enough immune system.  Very young animals have maternal transferred antibodies to help fight off sickness and disease.
  6. Do not vaccinate any pets that have acute or chronic illnesses such as allergies, food allergies, chronic eye or ear infections, colitis or other digestive issues or any immune or autoimmune disorder.

Dr. Jean Dodds, who is regarded as a vaccination expert has resources for more information on her website. Or you can read the blog post that we wrote a few months ago on Dr. Dodds.

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