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September 29, 2011


HHA Findings – Cobalt deficiency in horses

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

From the desk of Dr. Mark DePaolo:

I have been performing Horse Hair Analysis® (HHA) now for about 5 years and one of the most interesting things that we have found in the many, many tests that we have run is that most horses will be deficient in a few fairly predictable minerals.

Cobalt is the most deficient nutritional metal of any that can be tested on an HHA.  Almost 99% of all horses that we test are deficient in this mineral.  Cobalt is what is called a vitamin precursor.  It is used to manufacture Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12).  Unfortunately, Vitamin B12 is denatured by stomach acid, so it won’t do any good to feed it to your horse which is why we feed cobalt instead.  To bring levels up you either need to inject vitamin B12 or feed the proper level of Cobalt to your horse.

Vitamin B12 is an integral part of maintaining the horses wellbeing due to the fact that it helps to keep the liver functioning properly, promotes red blood cell production (helping to prevent anemia), stimulates appetite and the regeneration of damaged peripheral nerve tissue (nerve that is not brain or spinal cord) among a host of about a million other things.

I always get the very best results when I use Vitamin B12 as the injectable medicine in my veterinary Aquapuncture treatments.  This is where I treat acupuncture points and trigger points by injecting them with a liquid.

It is my sincere belief that all of our horses would be much healthier if they were being provided adequate levels of cobalt in their diet.

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