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October 18, 2011

Have we been naughty or nice at DEC?

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

The Hammacher Schlemmer catalog came a few days ago and we got out our Sharpees® to circle the items on our wish lists.  Do you think Dr. Mark has been naughty or nice this year?  We’ll give you a hint ….Lucky for him it is only mid-October so he has a few months to make up some ground :-).

Topping Dr. Mark’s List:


The Inspiration Archipod: This is the spherical pod that creates an environment conducive for creative working, meditation, and innovation. Designed by British inventor and Engineer Chris Sneesby, the Archipod’s interior conveys a sense of space that belies its compact external dimensions. The frame is constructed from timber and clad with Western Red Cedar shingles.

Also on his list:

The Snowball Launcher – Also available as a sling shot version.

The Stock Car Racing Simulator (Only $60,000)

The Live Action Infrared Skeet Shoot (The description uses words such as ‘harmless’ gun and ‘allows for indoor use’). Hmmmmmmm.

Jacqui would like to pay  homage to her favorite Big Wheel as a kid with….

…the Lean Mean Green Machine at a cool $75,000.  This is the 9′ three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the Green Machine, the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle from the 1970s. Its proportion, color scheme, and striking 45″ diameter front wheel–the world’s largest–are so convincing, it compelled the toy’s 1975 designer to see the motorcycle for a side-by-side comparison with the original toy.

Also on Jacqui’s list is the Two Story Inflatable Reindeer.  Everything is BIGGER in Texas, right?

Since Carter can’t have a horse at home, this is the next best thing…


Every horse lover big or small needs the Classic Storefront Championship Ride.  This is the classic 1950s kiddie ride that transports young cowpokes on an imaginary horseback journey to the Old West. Commonly encountered in front of grocery stores, the original ride was created by the Bally Manufacturing Corporation and named after the favorite horse of popular television cowboy Gene Autry.  The price is $6500.

And The Two Person 60 MPH Hovercraft is perfect for zooming in and out of Southern California traffic!

Dutch has requested the Dogbrella.

Does he know he doesn’t live in Oregon anymore?

The big blue dogs can’t decide between…

The Canine Shower Stall – to keep sparkly clean

The Canine Treadmill – to keep their boyish figures

Or the Laser Image Chase Toy – only if it comes with the kitten in the picture

Most of us at DEC have been exceptionally nice this year – I hope I get a goooood Secret Santa!

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