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November 29, 2011

Dr. Mark DePaolo is ready for his close up!

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

This week we are shooting the first round of our video series.  We will be putting several videos on our website and on a YouTube channel in the coming months to help educate horse owners about alternative medicine and treatment protocol.

The first in the series will be on equine chiropractic care.  The videos will show Dr. Mark performing an average chiropractic adjustment as well as explaining the benefits of ‘good’ chiropractic care.

We will also be talking about the several different forms of acupuncture including:

  1.  Dry needles
  2. Aquapuncture  (usually an injection of Vitamin B12)
  3. Moxabustion  (adding heat by burning an herb on the needle)
  4. Electroacupuncture  (stimulation using mild electrical pulses)
  5. Hemoacupuncture (injecting the patient’s own blood)
  6.  Therapeutic laser

Chiropractic and acupuncture care are the cornerstones of good holistic horse care.  Dr. DePaolo’s veterinary chiropractic treatments are more than “fixing” a sore back.  The entire spine and muscle structure, as well as the extremities (shoulders, hips and legs) are addressed.  His comprehensive acupuncture treatments most commonly relieve trigger points, muscle soreness and hormone imbalances.

All Star Equine, LLC is an ambulatory practice covering the horse country between Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.  All Star Equine,LLC does not offer routine procedures (vaccinations, deworming, dentals, etc.), surgical facilities, or any after hours emergency care.  To book an appointment, call (940) 268-6460.

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