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Alternatives To Traditional Deworming Methods For Horses

Paste dewormers have their place and are still occasionally necessary to maintain a healthy horse. However, it is important to reevaluate their use and avoid scheduled administration without knowledge of a horse’s specific parasite burden.
          The most important step owners can take in parasite management is Read more »

Dr. Mark shares a few tips on the physiology of horses

Often times Dr. Mark shares great thoughts and tips with his clients when he is out in the field.  We have recently asked him to start writing them down so they can be shared with all horse owners.  Here are a few regarding horse physiology and general horse care: Read more »

EHV-1 outbreaks in California

We haven’t talked much about EHV-1 since last summer but it seems as though cases are continuing to pop up across the country.  The most recent report is of 11 horses at a boarding facility in Orange County, CA.  The multiple discipline facility in San Juan Capistrano (Approximately 1/2 way between Los Angeles and San Diego) has had 11 confirmed cases in the last week. Read more »


We will be working hard at the Scottsdale Arabian Show

We always enjoy heading to Arizona each February for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. We feel so privileged to work on so many talented horses and Dr. Mark takes pride in being able to help these fine horses make it to the winners circle at such as top notch show!

Dr. Mark will be treating horses at the fairgrounds Read more »


Horse set for slaughter wins 2011 USEF Horse of the Year

When a racehorse doens’t cut it, often times they go to slaughter in several parts of the world.  So seemed the fate of failed racehorse Neville Bardos until Boyd Martin stepped in.  Paying only $850 to save the horse from slaughter.  Climbing up the ranks in the sport of eventing, by age 7, this gelding was a force to be reckoned with on the jumping circuit.

In May of 2011, Neville was caught in a horrible barn fire where over half Read more »


Ask Dr. Mark your horse questions

In March Dr. Mark is going to start an on line question & answer series where you can write in questions and he will pick a few each week and answer them by video.  The questions can be submitted via email to or be posted on the DEC Company Facebook page.  We get so many great questions from owners striving to improve their horse’s well-being and we thought this would be a great way to allow all proactive owners, trainers and agents to ask questions and gain knowledge. Read more »


Q & A with Dr. Mark on complete horse feeds

Dr. Mark is currently working on a project to evaluate and ‘grade’ complete feeds.  In our quest to address the fundamental nutritional requirements horses need to attain optimal health, we found that there is a lot of confusion when comes to All-In-One feeds, complete feeds, vitamin & mineral supplements and the difference between them all.

Read more »


Travel to horse shows in style

As the year begins, we start to plan for the 2012 show season — sending in our entry fees, scheduling in a few extra lessons and making our travel arrangements.  Often times when the alarm goes off a o’dark thirty on the morning of a horse show I ponder to myself that if I was staying in an RV on the show grounds I could get at least 15 minutes more sleep.  Sounds rational, right?  Well….if you are one of the lucky one that is in the market for an RV, I suggest you watch a few shows on HGTV as market research. Read more »


Shortfalls Of Traditional Deworming For Your Horse

As with many medications, a rising concern with dewormers lies in drug resistance. Over the past thirty years, the ease and availability of paste dewormers has vastly increased the number of horses that receive treatment at regular intervals. During this time, resistance to various treatments Read more »

Natural Health Bible For Dogs & Cats

We came across an intriguing book after doing a google search for ‘holistic dog care.’  The title looked interesting but the subtitle: Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Vitamins, and Supplements was what really caught our eye.

From Cushings to Kennel Cough, this book goes extensively into all types of Read more »