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January 10, 2012

Travel to horse shows in style

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

As the year begins, we start to plan for the 2012 show season — sending in our entry fees, scheduling in a few extra lessons and making our travel arrangements.  Often times when the alarm goes off a o’dark thirty on the morning of a horse show I ponder to myself that if I was staying in an RV on the show grounds I could get at least 15 minutes more sleep.  Sounds rational, right?  Well….if you are one of the lucky one that is in the market for an RV, I suggest you watch a few shows on HGTV as market research.

The first show, RV 2012 takes three families on the shopping trip of a lifetime as they hunt for the perfect RV.  “From the most luxurious and over the top motor coaches, to tricked out trailers and toy haulers, get an insider’s guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the most high-tech, eco-friendly, and all around coolest RVs! So, before you drive another mile, fasten your seatbelts, you’ll need to see this. It’s RV time!”

I also suggest watching Celebrity Motorhomes with seasoned host Carter Oosterhouse.  From Will Smith’s rig that rivals the size of most single family homes to Zac Brown’s guitar filled bus complete with a separate kitchen on wheels (to feed 100+ lucky concert goers each night on tour at his revolutionary “Eat & Greet”), this show will surely leave you green with envy.

You can also find a few other cool things on the HGTV website such as RV Travel Tips and  Taking the RV Test: Which RV is right for you? Of course the Mega Deluxe with all the pop-outs was perfect for us!  So whether your next horse show is in Scottsdale or Snohomish, RV living might be the way to go!

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