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February 29, 2012


Tips from Dr. Mark on equine chiropractic care

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Often times Dr. Mark shares great thoughts and tips with his clients when he is out in the field.  We have recently asked him to start writing them down so they can be shared with all horse owners.  Here are a few regarding equine chiropractors:

  1. If you have your horse adjusted by someone who can’t eliminate trigger points, you are wasting time and money because your horse won’t hold an adjustment for more than a few rides.
  2. When a horse is being adjusted they will lick their lips after each and every release of any impinged vertebrae or joint.  If someone who claims to be an equine chiropractor tells you differently they don’t know enough about horses to be working on them.  These individuals have no way to know if their “treatment” is working.  
  3. A horse should never be sedated or anesthetized to be adjusted.  Even if a veterinarian says it is necessary.  Please find someone who is not afraid of horses to do your work.  If they knew how to adjust properly they wouldn’t need gimmicks or drugs.
  4. I hope you never let someone use hammers, mallets, dowels or 2x4s and claim that they are adjusting your horse.  All chiropractic adjustments can and should be done by hand.
  5. After a thorough chiropractic adjustment, I always recommend that you feed your horse one to two tablespoons of baking soda twice a day to neutralize lactic acid so that he or she doesn’t get body sore.       
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  1. kimmerest
    Mar 1 2012

    Great reminder – thanks Dr. Mark!!! Looking forward to seeing you today in Gainesville. =]


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