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March 7, 2012

What To Avoid In An Equine Chiropractor

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

It is very important to watch an equine chiropractor work before letting them adjust your horse. Anyone who is not a human chiropractor or a veterinarian should never adjust your horse as it is illegal in most states and they will not have appropriate training.

Before scheduling an appointment it is important to watch a chiropractor work to make sure their technique is accurate.  The chiropractor should also do a thorough evaluation both over the phone and in person to make sure the issue at hand is a chiropractic issue.  It is very important to avoid anyone with inadequate training.  Finally, it is important to know when not to adjust a horse.

A horse should never be adjusted if:

  1. It is suffering from a neurologic condition.
  2. It has undiagnosed lameness.
  3. It has a vaccination reaction.
  4. It is in need of dental work.
  5. It is about to undergo any surgery such as castration or joint injections.

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch the video on What To Avoid In An Equine Chiropractor.  This is the fourth in a series about Equine Chiropractic, and we strongly encourage you to watch all 4 videos on this topic on your YouTube Channel.

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