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Lysine and EHV-1 prevention

Lysine is the single most limiting amino acid in the horses diet, it is tremendously important for many normal functions related to the everyday functioning of the horse.

Lysine has many functions:

  1. Treats herpes virus outbreaks
  2. Prevents herpes infections and EHV-1
  3.  Stabilizes the effects of cortisol in the blood stream
  4. Standard cellular maintenance

How does it work? Read more »


Tyson Kilmer, Dog ‘Healer”

Dr. Mark had the pleasure of working with famed dog trainer Tyson Kilmer last week. Tyson is the host of the cable show, Holistic Pet. The producers of the show contacted DePaolo Equine Concepts to do a story on Dr. Mark and one of his cases. If you want to hear more about the TV show episode you can visit our other blog post. This one, being in the sidekicks section of our blog, is more about Tyson and his amazing connection with dogs.

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What’s all the buzz about Electro Acupuncture for horses?

Electro Acupuncture uses dry needles to conduct small painless electrical impulses to muscle and nerve tissue causing mild contractions.  This treatment is beneficial for muscle atrophy, nerve injury and degeneration, and sore muscles (especially backs).  The muscle contraction is not painful or stressful for the horse. Read more »


Dr. Mark and Horse Hair Analysis on TV

Last week Dr. Mark filmed a episode of Natural Companions which is a show on the Veria Network which “explores the vast world of holistic pet care with guidance from a variety of veterinarians and experts.”

He was asked to do a story on one of his many success stories.  He chose to use a Horse Hair Analysis case.  The horse, Khardinal Sin, is in training with Read more »


Not your mother’s wranglers

The hotest thing to hit in fashion this season is printed and colored denim.  Most of them are not designed for riding but we highly recommend you invest in some jean therapy this spring.  The best sites to purchase these finds online are ShopBop and Piperlime.  Today is the last day of 20% off at Piperlime (enter code TWENTY at check out).   Read more »


We Love Lonesome Dove Bistro

When we find a restaurant that we really like, we tend to dine there as frequently as possible. We’ve been known to sit around the conference room table thinking of reasons to visit Fort Worth just so we can eat at Blue Mesa Grill.

Our new favorite (in rotation twice this week) is Chef Tim Love’s Lonesome Dove Bistro in the historic Stockyards of Fort Worth.   Read more »


Equine Rhino Prevention

Did you know that the Rhino Vaccine CAN NOT prevent your horse from getting Rhino?  The only thing for horse owners to do is to control the subsequent outbreaks by preventing the horse from experiencing any un-necessary stress to the immune system. Read more »


Pug love for a good cause

Twenty one pug dogs customized exclusively for Luisa Via Roma by a selection of the most prominent international luxury fashion designers, will be featured in a charity auction on eBay in the month of April  for UNICEF.  If you can’t afford a real pug, don’t bother trying to buy one of these stuffed ones as the bids climb well over $1000.   If you want to support the cause but you aren’t ready to commit to the hefty price tags, you can purchase a commemorative totebag for under $200. Read more »