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April 18, 2012

Dr. Mark and Horse Hair Analysis on TV

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Last week Dr. Mark filmed a episode of Natural Companions which is a show on the Veria Network which “explores the vast world of holistic pet care with guidance from a variety of veterinarians and experts.”

He was asked to do a story on one of his many success stories.  He chose to use a Horse Hair Analysis case.  The horse, Khardinal Sin, is in training with Wendy Potts of the The Brass Ring, INC.  His owners and trainer truly feel that Dr. Mark’s Horse Hair Analysis changed his life.

Khardinal Sin was stiff and sore through his entire body.  He suffered from continual bouts of laminitis and had a poor, unwilling attitude.  This was a big change from his normally playful and happy demeanor.  “He had recently been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome,” explained his trainer, Wendy Potts, “and we knew there was something just not right but we couldn’t put our finger on it.”  So after consulting with Dr. Mark, they decided to run a Horse Hair Analysis on him.  You’ll have to tune in to the episode to see the results.

 Spoiler Alert!  He’s doing great and back to his old happy self!

Horse Hair Analysis provides an extremely accurate profile of a horse’s biochemistry.  Hair is the first place nutritional deficiencies are detected. Blood testing, while a good resource for acute problems, crisis situations and liver or kidney issues, is not the best answer for nutrition-related health concerns.

A pencil width section of clean hair is cut from the mane and tested in a laboratory. The lab results are then evaluated by Mark DePaolo, DVM.  A thorough report, complete with comprehensive graphs detailing each mineral and metal level is then sent to the owner. The report explains how each mineral/metal affects the body and identifies common symptoms or levels outside the normal range. Most importantly, a personalized feed program and supplement recommendation is also included — A critical tool to allowing your horse to achieve its full potential.

Purchasing HHA is as easy as:

  1. Order Horse Hair Analysis® in our online store
  2. Send in mane hair
  3. Receive a customized report
  4. Order your HHA Personal Supplement™

When we know the air date of the television show, we will post it on our Facebook Page.  To learn more about Horse Hair Analysis®, please visit the HHA Page on our website.

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