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April 26, 2012

Lysine and EHV-1 prevention

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Lysine is the single most limiting amino acid in the horses diet, it is tremendously important for many normal functions related to the everyday functioning of the horse.

Lysine has many functions:

  1. Treats herpes virus outbreaks
  2. Prevents herpes infections and EHV-1
  3.  Stabilizes the effects of cortisol in the blood stream
  4. Standard cellular maintenance

How does it work?

Herpes virus organisms require the inclusion of arginine to their “diet” to reproduce.  Lysine acts as an irreversible binding agent at the arginine binding site located on the virus outer wall.  If there is enough lysine in the area where the virus is trying to replicate, the lysine will attach to it and that viral agent will no longer be able to divide and create two viral particles.  This action acts to prevent the initial infection from a herpes exposure as well as prevent outbreaks in those animals (and humans) who are packing around a latent herpes infection such as rhinopneumonitis.

Why Lysine instead of an EHV-1 vaccine?

Because a vaccination will weaken the immune system which in turn can cause a herpes virus outbreak in horses who have been previously exposed, your horse will be much healthier and better protected if you just put it on a supplemental source of lysine.  An 11,000-12,000 mg dose (about a tablespoon if you get a super concentrated source) is required as a preventative and up to 28,000 mg (about an ounce) should be given when you are actively treating an infection or outbreak or you are trying to prevent an exposed horse from developing an infection.  Be sure to check the label as there are a number of dilute lysine supplements on the market, which are usually more expensive.

To learn more or to purchase  Lysine, please visit our website.

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