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May 13, 2012

DIY Dreamcatchers

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

A friend of mine who is going through her Bohemian Chic phase decided to make dreamcatchers as an afternoon project.  She asked if I wanted to join her and since I had a ton of old yarn, beads, feathers and leather hanging around from jewelry making and various arts and crafts I agreed.  It was so fun in fact that I have now made it a small hobby of mine and I invite you take a journey through dreamcatching with me!  Trust me….Its easy!

First, pay a visit to Michael’s, Joann Fabric or your local craft or fabric store to pick up some supplies (clothes pin, embroidery hoop, doily, yarn, beads, feathers, leather cord, etc.)


Embroidery hoop – Any size will do.  I think its cute to do a few of them hanging together in various sizes.

Doily – You can get them in tons of colors.  If you have a local flea market sometimes you can score old crochet ones really cheap.

Yarn – I would stick with neutrals or pastels.  You can also use hemp cord from Michaels or Home Depot.

Other embellishments – It is great if you can re-use items you already have such as beads, yarn or feathers, but you can also get all these items at your local craft store.

Now to the fun part…

1)  Secure one end of yarn to the top of the embroidery hoop with a clothes pin.


2)  Wrap the yarn or hemp cord around the entire embroidery hoop — This part takes some patience.


3)  Center a doily** and tie it to the hoop in several places.  **You can also use horse shoes, pictures, feathers or just string instead of a doily.


4)  Braid several strands of yarn to create the top rope to hang, then decorate the bottom half of the dreamcatcher.  Really get creative, there is no right or wrong way to do this!


5)  Hang and enjoy!

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