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July 25, 2012

US Equestrian Team Trivia Quiz

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

With the Olympic games only a few days away all of the horses and riders are getting acclimated.  Their barn alleys are brimming with stars and stripes and their winter blankets and hoods are being swapped out for summer sheets with the recent spike in the London temperature. The Equestrian portion of the Olympics will stretch from July 28-Aug 9.  So lets test your Equestrian Olympics knowledge…

1) How many total medals has the US Equestrian Team won?

  • A) 56
  • B) 49
  • C) 41
  • D) 34

2) Which rider was almost counted out of the 2012 Olympic games due to a broken kneecap in January?

  • A) Beezie Madden
  • B) Steffen Peters
  • C) McLain Ward
  • D) Jan Ebeling

3) Which famous politician’s wife is the registered owner of dressage contender Rafaica?

  • A) Mitt Romney
  • B) Michael Bloomberg
  • C) Bill Clinton
  • D) Andrew Cuomo

4) The most successful American dressage rider ever, Steffen Peters, is a native of what country?

  • A) Germany
  • B) Austria
  • C) France
  • D) UK

5) Karen O’Connor, the oldest member of the  team at 54, is competing in her _____ Olympics?

  • A) First
  • B) Third
  • C) Fifth
  • D) Seventh

6) Reed Kessler will become the youngest U.S. equestrian show jumper ever when she competes in London.  How old is she?

  • A) 16
  • B) 18
  • C) 20
  • D) 21

Answers are below.  Now study up for our next trivia quiz which will be on the horses of the US Equestrian Team!

1)B, 2)C, 3)A, 4)A, 5)C, 6)B

**feature image was taken from Weltino’s Magic’s Facebook Page

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