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Equine vaccine reaction – one horse’s fatal outcome

We received a comment on our blog last week that Dr. Mark would like to share with our readers.  We would also like to share a video from Dr. Karen Becker about the dangers of over vaccinating animals.

Thank You sooo much for your article on vaccine reactions in horses. My beloved Cassidy (3/3 haflinger mare 20 yrs old) died this past Monday and the cause was baffling until I read this article. She had been vaccinated 10 days prior. The day after vaccinations she aquired Read more »


The Rose Pose by Dr. Mark

Congratulations to our clients on an AMAZING Canadian Nationals show! These fabulous horses, riders and owners garnered hundreds of titles in just six days!

  • 41 Championships
  • 41 Reserve Championships
  • 176 Top Tens

Thank you so much to everyone who allows me to be part of your success!  Below is our looooooooong list of winners!  Make sure to check out our photo albums at the bottom of the page! Read more »


Why Do Horses Develop Cushing’s Syndrome?

In simplistic terms, the body responds to stress like a 9-1-1 operator.  The pituitary gland receives the 9-1-1 call by recognizing a new stress.  It then dispatches an ambulance (hormones) to race to the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands respond by releasing cortisol to diffuse the inflammation, much as an EMT attempts to neutralize a patient’s pain en route to the hospital.

In some cases, chronic stress causes the body to feel Read more »


The Newest DePaolo Sidekick

Meet Rigby, the newest member of the DePaolo Family!  Jacqui and Mark adopted Rigby a few weeks ago from Chance’s Haven Dog Rescue.  He is settling in and getting to know his big brother Remington.

Rigby got his name from the gunmaker Rigby & Co.  As we all know, Dr. Mark is a pistol and rifle afficianado.  His unique coloring came from crossing a mantle (his father) with a harlequin & merle (his mother).  Right now we are calling him a ‘marlequin’ but I doubt that will ever make it into the AKC.  Regardless, we love him! Read more »


What Is Equine Cushing’s Syndrome?

Cushing’s is a hormone disorder caused by a hyper-stimulated pituitary gland which leads to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  Historically, veterinarians believed that this syndrome was caused by a benign tumor placing physical pressure on the pituitary gland.  Instead, current research and experience suggests Read more »


Dr. Mark Is Quick On The Draw

Dr. Mark was surprised by his wife Jacqui last week with the a very special and unique gift…A shooting seminar from a few world renowned professional firearms instructors.  On Friday afternoon and evening Dr. Mark participated in a long distance shooting class taught by Chee Kwan and Tim Trefren  from The History Channels television show Top Shot. Read more »