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August 10, 2012

The Newest DePaolo Sidekick

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Meet Rigby, the newest member of the DePaolo Family!  Jacqui and Mark adopted Rigby a few weeks ago from Chance’s Haven Dog Rescue.  He is settling in and getting to know his big brother Remington.

Rigby got his name from the gunmaker Rigby & Co.  As we all know, Dr. Mark is a pistol and rifle afficianado.  His unique coloring came from crossing a mantle (his father) with a harlequin & merle (his mother).  Right now we are calling him a ‘marlequin’ but I doubt that will ever make it into the AKC.  Regardless, we love him!


Mantle–The color shall be black and white with a solid black blanket extending over the body; black skull with white muzzle; white blaze is optional; whole white collar is preferred; a white chest; white on part or whole of forelegs and hind legs; white tipped black tail. A small white marking in the blanket is acceptable, as is a break in the white collar.

Harlequin– Base color shall be pure white with black torn patches irregularly and well distributed over the entire body; a pure white neck is preferred. Merle patches are normal. No patch should be so large that it appears to be a blanket.  Eligible, but less desirable, are black hairs showing through the white base coat which give a salt and pepper or dirty appearance.

Merle– Merle can affect all coat colors. The merle forms of brown and black are usually called liver (or red) and blue, respectively.  In addition to altering base coat color, merle also modifies eye color and coloring on the nose and paw pads. The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or part of the eye to be colored blue.

If you are interested in donating to Chance’s Haven or possibly rescuing a dog from them, we urge you to visit their Facebook page and become a fan.  They often have urgent updates on foster care being needed and adoption news.  Chance’s Haven rescues all types of dogs and is located in Gainesville, TX.

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