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August 30, 2012


Equine vaccine reaction – one horse’s fatal outcome

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

We received a comment on our blog last week that Dr. Mark would like to share with our readers.  We would also like to share a video from Dr. Karen Becker about the dangers of over vaccinating animals.

Thank You sooo much for your article on vaccine reactions in horses. My beloved Cassidy (3/3 haflinger mare 20 yrs old) died this past Monday and the cause was baffling until I read this article. She had been vaccinated 10 days prior. The day after vaccinations she aquired accute laminitis followed by colic and then kidney failure. Her pain and discomfort was too much for her & I to bear so I had to put her down. I have been one of those crazy nuts that had to follow the annual vaccine schedules without knowing about any fatal outcomes. I have 8 other wonderful horses to which I will now be better educated. My only wish is that I would have read this sooner so I could spared her this horrific death. Thanks again Dr. Mark. Wished you lived in western New York.  –Sue

For Dr. Mark’s Vaccination Protocol you can read his article in the DEC Health Library.

For risks of unnecessary vaccinations, you can read his other article in the DEC Health Library.

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