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September 6, 2012

Improving your horse’s performance through nutrition

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

It is important to continually evaluate your horse’s feed and supplementation program.  A key factor to improving the health of your horse is feeding equine appropriate nutrition.  This means eliminating all grains and pelleted feeds containing molasses.  A healthier alternative is a low-glycemic index diet of alfalfa pellets, grass pellets or unstabilized rice bran along with a complete vitamin & mineral supplement.

It is critical that you feed a high quality vitamin & mineral supplement in addition to low glycemic long stem fiber (hay) in order to provide a complete nutritional feed program.  A comprehensive supplement includes ingredients such as macro and micro minerals, amino acids, probiotics, biotin, lysine, omegas and anti-oxidants that are required daily.


  • Platinum Performance
  • Grand Meadows Grand Complete
  • Horse Guard

Diet not only affects how your horse looks and feels, but it can also be used as preventative medicine. Inadequate supplementation may lead to the overuse of pharmaceuticals and often times expensive treatment protocols (i.e. Shockwave therapy, joint injections, body work, stall rest). Proper nutrition is the most critical ingredient to allowing you horse to thrive.

For more information on proper nutrition, please visit our Health Library.

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