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October 23, 2012

Does your horse need to be dewormed?

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Overuse of paste dewormers has increased the risk of drug resistance and ignores the fact that 20% of horses in a given population are responsible for 80% of parasite eggs shed in pastures and stalls.  Owners are seeing the negative side effects of daily dewormers and harsh over-use of chemicals in their horses.  Natural alternatives are available, but must be approached carefully interms of effectiveness and safety.  A fecal egg count (FEC) is an easy way to find out if your horse has worms, which worms it has and what is the best and most effective way to treat the problem.

  1. Get a ziplock back and write your horse’s name and date on it.
  2. Turn the bag inside out.  Pick up an ‘apple’ of poop.
  3. Pull your hand and manure ‘apple’ back through the closure. The poop should now be inside the bag.
  4. Close the bag and take/send to the veterinary clinic or lab.

It’s that easy!!!

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