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November 28, 2012

Writing up our Christmas lists

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Every year at DEC we all thumb through the Hammcher Schlemmer catalog to pick out some goodies to add to our Christmas List.  Sometimes its more fun to pick the lists for each other. If only Secret Santa had an unlimited budget….

Since sometimes Dr. Mark thinks he knows a little bit of everything, we think the Authentic At Home Jeopardy Game would be a perfect way to see exactly how smart he really is!

Another good one for Dr. Mark is the Live Action Infrared Skeet Shooter.  Not quite the real thing but good practice for his shooting.

Although this is actually more for Jacqui but we’d like to get Dr. Mark the Voice Clarifying Amplifier.  Notice the name: VOICE CLARIFYING…Enough said!

A nice gift for the boss would be the Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Case.  Then it can be filled up in 2013 for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc.

Jacqui also would like the Dirt Detecting Robotic Vaccum but she’s afraid it would have to work overtime following Mark and the dogs around.

Remington has requested the Canine Shower Stall.  It says it can hold dogs up to 200 lbs and he is just too big to wash in the sink.

Rigby needs the Portable Pet Ramp.  Although he is quite big enough to jump in and out of the back of the car, he just isn’t quite coordinated yet.

And I being the low man on the DEC totem am only requesting one item.  The others can even split the cost.  All I ask for this year (besides winning the $500M lottery today) is the Heated Full Body Massage Chair for a mere $7000.  Oh! And I’m not picky, I’ll take ivory or black….Surprise me!

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