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New things at DePaolo Equine

We are so excited to be adding members to the DePaolo team in the coming months.  There are so many great things happening that we can hardly wait to tell you all about them.  Great things with Horse Hair Analysis, developing new products, endorsements and more!  We have now tested over 800 horses with the Horse Hair Analysis and the findings are Read more »


Why do horses crib?

Often people think that horses crib due to boredom.  In reality, horses crib to help with pain most commonly from ulcers.  Cribbing does two things:
  1. Cribbing releases endorphins which are the most powerful natural pain relief a body can produce.
  2. Cribbing increases the production of saliva which is a buffer for excess stomach acid.  In horses, stomach acid is produced 24/7 but saliva is only produced when a horse is chewing.  This is why so many of our domestic horses suffer from ulcers.   Read more »

What’s really in your dog’s food.

The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) is a non-profit organization that sets standards for both animal feeds and pet foods in the United States.  Below is a list of a few ingredients you may see in common pet foods.  What may sound appetizing on a label in reality could really make your stomach churn – your pet’s too!

According to the AAFCO:

Poultry byproduct meal – “ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcasses of slaughtered poultry, such as necks, feet, Read more »


Girl Power at the 2013 Road to the Horse

The cowgirls mounted up for this year’s Road to the Horse competition.  The competition selects three or four elite horse trainers and clinicians and puts them up against each other for the title of Road to the Horse World Champion. These competitors choose a horse out of the remuda, a group of 10 horses, and they begin building a relationship with one specific horse.

Although Guy McLean took the championship prize, Obbie Schlom and Sarah Winters Read more »


HHA Does It Again!

We have another Horse Hair Analysis success story!  This time it is from a racehorse client.  The horse won a race yesterday!

He has won more purse money in his last 4 races than he did in his first 10!  The horse’s Beyer speed figurehas DOUBLED since being on the HHA Personal Supplement.

That’s what we love to hear!


Diamond and Dirt Barrel Futurity & Derby

Last weekend the Diamond and Dirt Barrel Futurity and Derby took place in Bryan, Texas.  The event was sponsored by the Schiller Ranch.  Mark and Jacqui were fortunate enough not only to watch the event live, they were able to cheer on good friend (and customer) Jordon Briggs to over $10,000 in prize winnings.  Way to go Jordon!!! Read more »


Our Lonehorn Jean Give Away

We LOVE LJC Apparel / Lonehorn Jeans.  They are great a perfect hybrid between a pair of fashion jeans and a pair of riding jeans.  The jeans are all 100% USA made and the owners are all superior equestrians.  In 2011 we interviewed the owners, Matt & Amanda Kimes.  Check out the interview here.  Make sure to LIKE the DePaolo Equine Concepts Facebook Page to be entered to win a pair for yourself.  Good Luck! Read more »


Over vaccination of animals and the adverse reactions

Often we mention like-minded professionals and veterinarians, we’ve even already done a profile on Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Karen Becker but the Healthy Pets video interview that was posted today is one that shouldn’t be missed if you are skeptical of vaccinating your pets or if you suspect your pet has had an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Vaccine companies do an excellent job in making vaccines today.  There is no question about that.  The problem is that they cannot control…It’s not one-size-fits-all.  Animals are Read more »


RHOBH’s take on owning a horse

The Huffington Post did its usual re-cap on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a few weeks ago and made a special point to comment on Yolanda’s description of what she pays for her daughter’s horse and its “maintenance.”  When you list it like this while sprawled across an oxer in the Southern California sun,  it does sound a bit silly.

Yolanda’s “Facts Of Life” Read more »