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chelating heavy metals

We often talk about how Horse Hair Analysis and the Personal Supplement will chelate heavy metals from the body.  Have you ever thought that you too might have heavy metals present in your body?  Here are some great natural remedies for human consumption: Read more »


Internal Parasites In Horses

In small numbers, internal parasites are both normal and healthy but in higher concentrations, they can pose a serious risk to a horse’s health. The current “mainstream” recommendation of deworming unnecessarily exposes horses with low parasite burdens to harsh chemical treatments. The most important step owners can take in parasite management is a simple fecal egg count (FEC).  To learn about internal parasites in horses and common treatments Read more »


Simple 2 ingredient DAIRY-FREE ice cream

This is a great and healthy way to have ice cream.  There are a ton of benefits of coconut milk including:

  • It is easier to digest than cow’s milk.
  • It contains a high level of omega 3, 6 and 9 fats along with high amounts of amino acids.
  • It is healing to the digestive tract.
  • It is loaded with potassium, manganese, phosphorus, Vitamin C, iron, zinc Read more »

Rhinestone Cowgirl

Last week on American Idol, Janelle Arthur’s boots stole the show…And then they were stolen from her….By Nicki Minaj!  The rhinestone encrusted boots were custom made for Arthur by Paradise Custom Boots in Sweetwater, TX.  The owner of the small family owned boutique saw Arthur belt out her tunes and Read more »


Dr. Mark is turning ______!

We want to wish Dr. Mark a GREAT DANE sized….

Happy Birthday!


Boost your horse’s immune system against EHV-1

With show season around the corner it is very important to make sure your horse’s immune system in functioning properly.  Here are some tips to keep your horse healthy:

  1. EHV-1 is not only spread by horse-to-horse contact but it can also be transferred through tack, grooming supplies and hands.  Make sure to disinfect stalls, trailers and tack when changing horses.
  2. Monitor your horse’s temperature at least twice a day.  A normal horse temperature is Read more »