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Natural Tick Repellant

Ticks can be troublesome outdoor pests, as they feed off the blood of mammals, and can carry and transfer bacteria and disease such as Lyme disease. Some retail products are designed to repel ticks, but these are many times high-priced items and no more effective than a simple homemade solution. Read more »

Get to know the Dirt Road Girls!

We are doing a give-away this week on our Facebook page of one our favorite jewelry lines.  We sat down (figuratively) with the owner of Dirt Road Girls to ask her how this adorably chic and wonderfully western line came about!  DRG creator, Sara Smith, is pictured at right with American Idol’s Skylar Laine.

Dirt Road Girls

Just as their about us states on their Facebook profile, the Dirt Road Girls are “a little bit western and a little bit gypsy with a whole lot of southern charm!”  The hand stamped designed created by DRG owner and creator Sara Smith are charming to say the least.

“Wild & Free” and “Born To Roam” Read more »


The Cronut Craze

Today is National Doughnut Day!  We frequently have doughnuts delivered to the office (by an un-named source…starts with a Lynd and ends in a Sey).  Typically the treats are from a local North Texas bakery and end up getting picked over after a few days with the last few bit being resurrected in the microwave and then finally discarded in the trash.  I guarantee you if the cronut craze that is hitting Manhattan were to sweep all the way to Pilot Point, TX, those would surely NOT go to waste.

A cronut is a Read more »