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June 19, 2013

Get to know the Dirt Road Girls!

by DePaolo Equine Concepts
We are doing a give-away this week on our Facebook page of one our favorite jewelry lines.  We sat down (figuratively) with the owner of Dirt Road Girls to ask her how this adorably chic and wonderfully western line came about!  DRG creator, Sara Smith, is pictured at right with American Idol’s Skylar Laine.
Can you give me a short background of the company?  When did you launch?  Where are you based?
 –I started just playing around and sort of making jewelry here and there in 2011 after some unfortunate circumstances led to me losing my job. Then, around the first of last year, I got a little more serious in my jewelry production but was still searching for a “real” job. It wasn’t until around July or so last year that I realized I had a real job and devoted all my time to Dirt Road Girls. I work from a little workroom in my house on my parents farm in a very small Alabama town called Snead. It is between Huntsville and Birmingham.
Do you make everything yourself?
–yes, I make, or at least assemble, everything myself.
How do you come up with the styles?
–I am influenced by the things I love: the outdoors, music, rodeos… I get inspiration from seeing other jewelry pieces and thinking I could do that, but with my own little flair. My business card says “a little bit western and a little bit gypsy with a whole lot of southern charm” and that is exactly what Dirt Road Girls is…
I know you travel a lot to promote the company?  What are some of your favorite places?
–Nashville is definitely one of my favorite places! I was there this past week and got to give one of my favorite artists, Drake White, a custom DRG cuff, which he now wears on stage ALL the time… I draw a lot of inspiration from favorite song lyrics and such and what better place to be inspired by music than Music City, USA. We also went to OKC this spring for the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo and that was a great experience!
Are you going on the road this summer?  Where to?
–we will be going on the road, but I’m still not sure if it will be for business too, or strictly pleasure! We are planning a road trip to Cheyenne for the Frontier Days Rodeo, and have talked a little about doing a show, but nothing set in stone yet. Even if we do just go for fun, I feel like being out in the rodeo world helps me to stay current with what’s popular and gives me inspiration for new products…
What is your personal favorite style?
–ohhhh where do I begin? I always try to style myself different from everyone else. I don’t like to see myself in a crowd. My style is a hippie, with a little bit of rock and roll and cowgirl all mixed together.
Where can the jewelry be found (to purchase)?  Online and in person?
–the jewelry can be purchased from our Facebook page and our Etsy store. Etsy has listed what is currently in stock and for sale, but anyone can look back through all our posts on facebook and custom order something that has been previously made or anything else they might like. stay tuned to our facebook page and twitter (@_DirtRoadGirls) to learn about where you would be able to purchase in person. that just depends on what shows we end up going to.
Don’t forget to ‘like’ the DePaolo Equine Concepts Facebook page and comment on one of the DRG photos on our wall for a chance to win one their very cool pounded spoon necklaces!
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