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July 5, 2013

Follow Up On Toxic Plants

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

One of our first blog posts (over 2 years ago!) was on The 10 Most Toxic Plants To Horses.  We wrote this after a client of Dr. Mark’s contacted him about treatment for her horse that had eaten Glechoma hederacea “creeping charlie.”  She also was very persistent with the USDA on the subject matter which initiated This Page on the USDA website.

Below is the original letter from our client Jennifer:

My horse recovered this year from a horrible toxicity to Creeping Charlie that has become a nasty invasive species in the NW and all over most of the US. After having to put my horse on heavy steroids just to alleviate the affects from the ultimate hives that broke out over her entire body, she needed additional supplementation to detoxify and rebuild her immune system. Thankfully, Dr. DePaolo suggested Chvel. Withing a week my mare responded and began to be her old self again.

Unfortunately, I have to be very careful where I graze her, because she has taken a liking to the CC. We Weedmastered all pastures and hand-pulled the CC before I was able to turn her out again.

I suggest everyone make an effort to get rid of CC on their property; horses will eventually nibble on it.
It affects the respiratory system. Symptoms are excitability, excessive drooling, eyes dilate and elevated respiration (She never had a high temp). My horse exhibited all of these symptoms, but then, also broke out in the horrible blister hives and then her limbs swelled to twice their size. There have been reported deaths of this in years past.

I hope no other horse has to go through this.

We are so glad that April has recovered from her ground ivy toxicity and we thank people like Jennifer for being a “squeaky wheel” when it comes to the health and happiness of their horses!

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