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Using antlers for decoration

It’s almost Christmas! Hopefully Santa and his reindeer are going to pay you a visit.  There is a chance that the reindeer could shed their antlers while on their journey.  If you happen to be so lucky to discover some in your yard, here is a fun way to adorn them and use as display. Read more »


The best joint supplement for horses

As animals age, the body produces less and less Hyaluronic Acid.   The joints can become stiff and movement painful.  As joints age, they become less lubricated, predisposing them to damage that can lead to arthritis.  Anytime any tissue of the body is dehydrated the result can be an increased production of inflammation and oxidative damage.  Read more »


Chelating toxic metals from horses

Contaminated water, feed and painted fences are a few ways horses can be exposed to heavy metals.  While oral chelation therapy works exceptionally well for heavy metal accumulation in the tissues, it will also strip the horse of light, necessary and nutritional minerals as well.  This is why it is unwise and dangerous to perform chelation therapy without diagnosing and treating the horse for nutritional deficiencies at the same time as the chelation.  It is always necessary to Read more »


The dangers of bagged hay for horses

Many people, especially ones that haul to competitions are turning to bagged alfalfa hay.  Although these 50 lb sacks are convenient, they are detrimental to your horses health.  This is mainly for one reason…

The inclusion of molasses!  This simple sugar makes it look, smell and taste more appetizing.  Unfortunately, when we feed simple sugars to our horses it is not without negative side-effects.  Feeding of sugars causes the pancreas to secrete insulin.  This hormone is normally used by the cell membrane to process sugar and force it into the cell.  With time and saturation of the cell with glucose (sugar used as an energy source by the cell), a condition can occur that is called Insulin Resistance (IR).  This is when the cell Read more »


Peppermint for horses

Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs known to be used by man.  The dried and sifted leaves are a great digestive aid as well as having antimocrobial and antifungal properties.  It is the oil in the peppermint leaves that is effective in Read more »


Snow day at the office

We’ve had cabin fever for the past 3 days thanks to “Icemageddon / Icepocolypse 2013” or whatever you want to call this Arctic blast that froze North Texas.  Today we ventured into the office to ship orders, answer phone messages and start to get back on track as the roads thaw out.  The office dogs were thrilled Read more »