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December 16, 2013

Chelating toxic metals from horses

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Contaminated water, feed and painted fences are a few ways horses can be exposed to heavy metals.  While oral chelation therapy works exceptionally well for heavy metal accumulation in the tissues, it will also strip the horse of light, necessary and nutritional minerals as well.  This is why it is unwise and dangerous to perform chelation therapy without diagnosing and treating the horse for nutritional deficiencies at the same time as the chelation.  It is always necessary to continue supplementation of deficiencies even after the chelation therapy has been successfully completed.

Some of the horses we treat won’t show toxic metal levels on the first HHA.  The body, in an effort to remain “as healthy as possible” while being poisoned, will sequester toxic metals deep within the tissues and organs.  This is an attempt to make an acute toxicity into a chronic issue, which the body deems less harmful in the short run.  These horses will either have an exacerbation of symptoms during the treatment or they will become healthy enough to start eliminating the metal on their own without chelation.  In the latter, we find toxic metal levels on the re-check HHA and prescribe chelation therapy at that time to help the body eliminate the poison metals faster, helping the horse to become healthier sooner.

If you think your horse might have high levels of toxic metals in its system or to learn more about Horse Hair Analysis please visit the HHA page on our website or HHA in our online store.

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