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Peppermint to soothe equine digestive upset

Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs known to be used by man. The dried and sifted leaves are a great digestive aid as well as having antimocrobial and antifungal properties. It is the oil in the peppermint leaves that is effective in relaxing and soothing the digestive system.

This aromatic herb helps to eliminate: Read more »


Hyperbaric chamber for your pets

Larger hyperbaric chambers have been used on people (and expensive horses) for decades but recently a smaller and more cost effective version has emerged for companion pets.  Some conditions that have been proven to be helped with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) include: Read more »


The Diamonds & Dirt Barrel Horse Classic

This week Dr. Mark is in Bryan, Texas working at the Diamonds & Dirt Barrel Horse Classic.  With over $700,000 up for grabs this is sure to be a great event.  Dr. Mark is tuning up horses by giving them chiropractic and acupuncture treatments as well as giving nutrition advice and consultations on his revolutionary Horse Hair Analysis. Read more »


Excel Equine Digestive Supplement

In my practice I see many horses with symptoms associated with digestive upset.  Common side effects are:

  • colic
  • weight loss
  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • cinchiness
  • teeth grinding
  • body soreness (especially over the low back/lumbar area/and last rib).

Also be aware of behavioral changes like Read more »


Metal toxicity in horses

Proper nutrition is the most critical component to allow your horse to thrive. HHA Personal Supplement™ is formulated to help correct the abnormalities found in the Horse Hair Analysis® lab results and allow your horse to achieve optimal health.  Over 1,100 horses in 43 states and 3 countries have been tested using Horse Hair Analysis®. 

50% of horses with digestive issues tested toxic in Read more »