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March 4, 2014

Metal toxicity in horses

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Proper nutrition is the most critical component to allow your horse to thrive. HHA Personal Supplement™ is formulated to help correct the abnormalities found in the Horse Hair Analysis® lab results and allow your horse to achieve optimal health.  Over 1,100 horses in 43 states and 3 countries have been tested using Horse Hair Analysis®. 

50% of horses with digestive issues tested toxic in 1 or more metals.

44% of horses with allergies tested toxic in heavy metals.

Horse Hair Analysis® testing will reveal chronic or historic levels of toxicity. The body’s protective response is to ‘hide’ toxic metals deep in organs and tissues. These metals persist in the body for years following exposure. Without chelating poisons from the body, your horse will never be healthy.

plantIt is important to recognize that toxins can be transported for miles through water and air.  The location of where your feed (hay and grains) is grown could be downstream from a mining, manufacturing or waste management facility and could be a source of pollutants. Treated wood that is being chewed, pesticides and contaminated drinking water are also common sources of heavy metals. This type of toxicity in horses is associated with colic, ulcers, neurologic problems, muscle tremors, body soreness, tying up, skin disorders and endocrine disorders.

To learn more about Horse Hair Analysis® please visit our website.  To purchase Horse Hair Analysis® please visit our online store.

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