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A Horse’s Leg: Ice, Poultice or Rinse?

With all of the stress performance horses’ legs are put under, the best way to reduce inflammation, cool tissues, and decrease trauma is with cold water or icing. This approach can also be helpful to alleviate pain and swelling after long hauls.

There is a variety of products you can use to achieve positive results: Read more »


Ingredient spotlight – elecrolytes


80% of horses showing signs of emotional problems are deficient in nutritional minerals.

82% of horses with musculoskeletal problems are deficient in nutritional minerals.

This week’s ingredient spotlight is on electrolytes.  With the summer months upon us, it is critical to keep your horse hydrated and keep their mineral levels up to achieve peak performance.

Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are the primary electrolyte minerals. The cheapest forms of these minerals Read more »


Light therapy for horses

There are many names for devices that use light therapy to stimulate healing. You can find low level lasers, cold lasers, photon torches and a myriad of other uniquely named products used to describe phototherapy devices.

These products use wavelengths to stimulate tissue and blood cells to repair themselves. The energy of the light wave increases cellular activity. This will help provide Read more »