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July 8, 2014


Do Equine Vaccines Cause More Harm Than Good?

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

It’s getting to be that time of year where the focus returns back to your horse. Many people feel that the late summer is the ideal time to vaccinate. We encourage you take an alternative approach to this portion of your horse’s health care.

Dr. DePaolo states, “In my practice I am constantly treating horses for the negative side effects that occur from the over-use and un-judicious administration of ‘routine/yearly/booster’ vaccines.”

This condition of sometimes permanent negative side effects caused by overuse of vaccines is collectively termed “Vaccinosis”.  I believe that a conscientious, caring horse owner, when given all of the information, will be able to make a informed decision and develop a healthier vaccine protocol for their horse based on common sense, not fear.” To read more about a healthy vaccine protocol, please visit the Health Library on my website.

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  1. Kathleen
    Jun 5 2011

    I’m living the worst nightmare this year as it relates to the negative effect my 8 yrs old QH and 5 yr old Thoroughbred have had to to the rabies vaccine given in their neck 3/9/11. (Strangles intranasal, and Rabies in the neck).

    Both abscessed, the thoroughbred had blown a 3″ diameter hole in his neck, while the QH had to be ultra sound and lanced since he had no relief in 3 1/12 weeks from the growing lump on his neck.

    Fast forward, the thoroughbred has now healed up but is off on his left lead. Since he was never off a day in his life I can only surmise it’s because of this negative reaction in addition to the huge amount of dead tissue/white blood cells expelled from his neck during this ordeal. From the day his abscess blew, I had never smelled anything like this in my life, like the walking dead.

    The QH re-abscessed 2 weeks after his incision closed from the 1st abscess. He has since closed up again, but he too is off on his left lead. I hope this isn’t permanent.

    This past Friday the vet came back out to finish their shots, this time I had him administer them in their chests. (east/west enceph, flu and tetanus) And I’ll be… they are both swollen in their chests 24 hrs after the injections.

    Rabvac3 was by Fort Dodge. I asked the vet not to inject them with Fort Dodge vaccines anymore, so what does he inject them with – Boehinger Ingleheim who owns Fort Dodge. Vet claimed they have different vaccines. The right side of their chest is much larger than their left side on both horses. Guess which side is larger?? Why the Boehinger Ingleheim/Fort Dodge side.

    I opened up a case with Boehinger Ingleheim.

    I’m definitely rethinking vaccines next year.. Probably won’t give them.

    • Kathleen,
      We are very sorry to hear what you are going through. More people are learning the hard way about the toll vaccines can take on our beloved pets. I will pass along your story to Dr. DePaolo and see if he has any personal advise. I also urge you to read his article on vaccines in the DePaolo Equine Concepts Health Library
      Best of luck!

    • kelly
      Feb 6 2013

      please everyone who has horses and has had bad experience with vaccines like kathleen here who wrote on june 5th. Please have the common sense and do not jab if you have reactions like that !! By means of holes in the horses neck and abscesses. It has to be common snse for you owners that it is killing your horses! I do not jab my horse, she is 7 years old and I have had her since foal. Never had or will have the need of the vet, except for teeth. It is not worth vaccinating as it only ever weakens the immunsystem. If you want a strong horse, then feed them strong. High fibre and herbs,herbs,herbs. If you are strong and immunsystem is top notch, then I guarantee they will not get ill. For reference check up bechaump theory. All the best for you all


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