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Lyle Lovett talks reining with David Letterman

Here at DePaolo Equine Concepts we treat tons of reining horses with chiropractic, acupuncture and Horse Hair Analysis.  We also have a few of our office staff that trains and competes in the event of reining.  Here is a great clip of Lyle Lovett and David Letterman chatting about reining and Lovett’s reining stallion, Smart And Shiney. Read more »


The Arabians head north

Arabian Canadian Nationals kicked off today at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba Canada.  With 187 different classes in youth, western, dressage, hunter and english disciplines, this is one of the largest Arabian Horse Shows in the world each year.

Show horses are hauled long distances, asked to work very hard and sometimes Read more »


Horse Hair Analysis Personal Supplement for musculoskeletal issues

Horse hair analysis (HHA) has been used to formulate dietary supplementation and treat horses with a wide variety of disorders. Dr. Mark has found that most horses have multiple issues and many horses with musculoskeletal disorders have other problems that are even more pressing. The HHA Personal Supplement™ is formulated to holistically treat the whole horse, not just the musculoskeletal problem.  Read more »