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November 24, 2014

The 411 on Equine Ulcers

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Ulcers are the single-most preventable health problem that many horses are forced to deal with today.   Over 90% of show horses, 67% of endurance horses, 37% of trail horses and 10% of non-working horses are affected by ulcers and the health robbing side effects that accompany them.

Ulcers can develop in as little as three days.  Every horse owner may encounter a serious episode at some point. The good news for horse owners is the growing information on prevention and the availability of highly effective treatment options.To learn more about recognizing the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention please visit the links or go directly to our health library.

To learn more about diagnosing equine ulcers without a costly vet visit or endoscopy procedure, please watch our video.

To learn more about our digestive supplement, Excel please watch the product video:

Here are a few quick tips to maintain a healthy digestive tract in your horse:

  • Use a natural daily digestive support supplement like Excel™
  • Avoid fasting and provide a “grazing” diet of more frequent meals or more free choice forage.  Try a small mesh haynet to slow eating and keep hay in front of your horse all day to protect against digestive distress and ulcers.
  • Review the ingredients on your bag of feed.  Eliminate concentrates that are high in carbohydrates (grains) and sugars (molasses).  Substitute with rice bran, hay cubes or alfalfa cubes/pellets.
  • Add some alfalfa or stem-y hays to stimulate chewing, saliva production, and to help the horse gain weight.  The calcium in alfalfa will help neutralize and acidic stomach.
  • If you are hauling or at an event that disrupts your horse from eating for more than three to four hours, give your horse a break to eat hay/forage and drink.
  • Do no feed concentrates less than four hours before or after exercise.
  • Be aware of your horse’s response to changes in feed, daily routine and herd interactions.

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