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Equestrian House Decor From Target

Target has launched an Equestrian Home Decor Collection that does not disappoint.  Not only are the items unique, beautiful and functional; they stay true to the Target brand with their price points.

Put one of these bronze finish horse busts Read more »


Covering The Map

The end of April is going to be busy for Dr. Mark! He travels to Scottsdale, Arizona to work for clients at the Region 7 Arabian Show. He is looking forward to getting out of the rain for a couple of days and working on a bunch of nice horses. We wish all of our trainers and their clients the best of luck! Read more »


What Goes In The Bucket?

Dr. Mark gets asked all the time about his feeding protocol.  He spends a lot of time educating owners on the risks of feeding high sugar diets and/or soy to their horses.  Simple changes, like eliminating these ingredients in a horse’s diet, can make a drastic difference in the overall health of your horse.  There is more about what not to feed in the Nutrition Article in our Health Library.  This post is about what to feed your horse. Read more »


L-Lysine For Hoof Growth

Here is a great testimonial from one of our customers who gave her horse L-Lysine to repair hoof wall after a large abscess was removed by the vet.

L-Lysine is a critical building block for all protein in the body. It is an essential amino acid that cannot Read more »


Vaccine Study From IVC


I get asked about vaccinations quite a bit in my practice. Since a horse’s immune system functions just like yours, I take a similar approach to giving vaccines when the horse is younger, which offers them lifelong antibodies.

Jean Dodds, DVM, addresses immunity in this interesting article about small breed dog vaccines. Read more »


Photoshoot Fun With April Visel

The ability to express emotion with photography is truly an art. One of the absolutely best at this with Arabian horses is April Visel. Her stunning photos have graced many magazine covers, but even more telling is that so many people want to learn from her at workshops she offers.

Personally, there are a handful of her photos I would love to have blown up and hung on my wall at home or in the office. Her gift of finding the perfect light, the perfect movement and the perfect expression is simply magical. Read more »


We’re back….

After a long hiatus from the DEC blog, we are back in action!  In fact, we are new and improved!  Several members of the DEC team will be contributing to the blog moving forward….Even Dr. Mark!  Our posts will still cover a variety of equine topics.  Some posts will be in a series spanning a few weeks to a month.  Be sure to check back often for all things DePaolo Equine!