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The Negative Effects of Feeding Soy To Horses

It has been a common practice for today’s low carbohydrate feeds to contain a large amount of unfermented soy in the form of oil, meal or hulls.  Soybean crops are typically sprayed heavily with chemical herbicides leaving the hulls contaminated with these toxins.  Although high in protein, soy may contribute to: Read more »


Natural Flea Control

It is the time of year that fleas and ticks start to become a real problem in most of the country.  Several reports and studies have shown very dangerous side effects and even deaths in pets associated with the over the counter topical and oral flea medications.  At DePaolo Equine Concepts we prefer to use a natural approach to health care whenever possible.  Here are a few ways to help keep these nasty pests away from your furry friends. Read more »


Is Your Horse Drinking Toxic Water?

After scientifically testing over 3,000 equines with Horse Hair Analysis, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How did my horse become toxic in a heavy metal?’ Many times we never find the source, but a common culprit is water. Most horses tested have had more than one owner and have lived in multiple environments. When you combine that with traveling to different facilities for competitions, horses are exposed to a multitude of water sources by the time they are just 6 or 7 years old. Read more »


Got Dapples?

I think it has been about 2 months now that I have started Rikki on your supplements and what a DIFFERENCE!  My otherwise cranky mare, is now sweet and calm.  Her mood is that of an older horse (she’s 4) and her coat is the prettiest I’ve ever seen it!  She actually has dapples!  This picture (right side) is of her in February before I started the products, and then (left side) just a few days ago.  I noticed the dapples and had to take a picture to compare, I just couldn’t believe it!

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Integrative Sports Medicine


People can be surprised that my veterinary practice specializes in chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition. I have found that these three areas of medicine greatly compliment what an lameness or attending veterinarian is doing to help the horse. Read more »


Jordon Briggs And Jolene Montgomery Win Big

We are so proud to have Jordon Briggs & Jolene Montgomery on Team Horse Hair Analysis. Recently Jordon rode her mare, Cinnamon On Top, to win the $100,000 Lance Graves Pro Classic Slot Race Championship.  “Topper” as the mare is affectionately called at home is by Briggs’ stallion Mr. Cinnamon Roll. Read more »


Paying A Visit To Faith Equine

Dr. Mark will be traveling to Faith Equine in Snohomish, Washington in May. Mark & Karen Plumlee operate Mission Farrier School out of their beautiful facility. The 8 week horseshoeing course is “dedicated to offering a common sense approach to maintenance of the equine hoof, drawing on Natural Balance principles, traditional craftsmanship, and the increasingly improved technology available in the farrier industry today.” Read more »


Horse Hair Analysis … It’s That EASY!

Hello! It’s another great day in Texas at Depaolo Equine Concepts.  I get asked several times every day about the Horse Hair Analysis (HHA) process. It is an excellent way to see what is really going on with your horse when conventional methods fail. Read more »