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May 17, 2016

Got Dapples?

by DePaolo Equine Concepts
I think it has been about 2 months now that I have started Rikki on your supplements and what a DIFFERENCE!  My otherwise cranky mare, is now sweet and calm.  Her mood is that of an older horse (she’s 4) and her coat is the prettiest I’ve ever seen it!  She actually has dapples!  This picture (right side) is of her in February before I started the products, and then (left side) just a few days ago.  I noticed the dapples and had to take a picture to compare, I just couldn’t believe it!

She is eating better than ever!  Before she would take a bite, walk around, come back, take a bite, walk……  Now she never even lifts her head out of the bucket!  She drinks great too!  She also had an issue with freaking out in the trailer.  Endless pawing, didn’t want to get in, etc.  Last night, I hooked up the trailer, and she was waiting for me at the gate!  She walked right in!  Stood quietly and ATE IN THE TRAILER!  It is truly amazing!
I raised this horse and THOUGHT I was feeding her correctly.  I bought the best hay and supplements.  I never dreamed I was feeding too much, or the wrong thing for her body, until her attitude got out of control!  I’m so glad I had her tested!  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to equine wellness!  I have my horse back! – Julie P.
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