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August 29, 2016

Arabian Trainer Todd Ehret answers a few questions about Horse Hair Analysis

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

We asked Todd some candid questions about Horse Hair Analysis because sometimes is best to hear honest answers from an actual customer!


1) What did you think of the process?

The process was very simple!

2) What did you think of the report? 

The results were quick and everything was explained in an easy to understand manner.

3) Did you feel like the report explained the problems that you were seeing in the horse? Could you maybe give an example? 

Yes, the test results clearly show when a horse is severely low or high to a toxic level in certain minerals. 

4) How are your horses doing or how did they do on the Personal Supplement? 

I saw a marked difference in the horses trainability. 

5) Would you recommend the program to other horse owners/Trainers? Why

Absolutely would recommend the HHA to anyone, I feel it can help in areas of training and management that you didn’t even realize were present. 

6) What made you run an HHA in the first place?  

We tried the HHA on the first horse out of desperation. He was a bad thinker & had a real lack of work ethic. We tried everything available in the past. In time this horse went from being excused from a class to a champion as well as doing walk/trot. 



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