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September 20, 2016

Horse Hair Analysis for stallions

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

One of our clients had a stallion with strange hydration and skin issues including wrinkly skin and severe scratches that no topical treatments would help.  Plus, his sperm count/life had very poor motility.  They had multiple vets examine the stallion, including having blood work done several times and everything kept coming back as normal.

It is common to have blood work come back “normal” when an HHA test does not.  Click HERE to find out why Horse Hair Analysis is more accurate than blood testing for certain information.  

The owner of the stallion had success with accomplishing pregnancies on farm, however they could barely get the semen to live 30 hours which made it very hard to breed outside mares. This became very stressful as every vet kept saying there was nothing wrong, however there was obviously something very wrong.

Dr. DePaolo viewed the stallion at an event and suggested doing HHA and the Personal Supplement. Low and behold within 6 months the stallions scratches went from 100% to less than 40%, his wrinkly skin went away completely and his sperm life went from less than 30 hours to lasting 3 days! The longer he was on the program the better he got.

His scratches used to be there 100% of the time and now are rarely ever an issue. The wrinkly skin has never came back, his sperm count is incredibly high and his semen lives up to 5 days!

From that horse on we have been a firm believer in the Horse Hair Analysis program and the incredible benefits it offers. -Lindsay Rinehart, Trotwood Farm

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