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Feeding A Horse With A Neurologic Disease

When feeding a horse with a neurologic disease, there are several things you can do to help insure your horse is getting the right nutrition and that he is able to do it safely and comfortably.

Feeding in a hay net or on top of a raised surface is recommended since horses with neurologic diseases have trouble balancing especially when Read more »


Take a break from the horse show in Tulsa

Dr. Mark is currently at US National Arabian Horse Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is one of his busiest horse shows of the year.  Even though Dr. Mark doesn’t have too much down time if you are in Tulsa and need a break from the show maybe you should try some of the non-horse activities the city has to offer. Read more »


Harmony Supplement – Before and After Treatment

Typically we recommend Harmony for horses dealing with Endocrine disorders.  This supplement can help even out a horse’s temperament and hormone levels.  Often when a horse’s endocrine health is severely compromised, for example when they have Cushings Syndrome this can lead to founder or chronic laminitis.  Below are two videos Read more »


Baking Soda To Help Equine Ulcers

Baking Soda, otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate, has been used since the ancient Egyptians discovered it for cleaning purposes but it wasn’t until the mid 1840’s that it was sold as the “baking soda” that we know today.  It was almost one hundred years later that it was packaged and advertised as having medicinal purposes.

At DePaolo Equine Concepts we love Baking Soda!  It is a great Read more »