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December 7, 2016

Using the Glycemic Index To Evaluate Your Feed Program

by DePaolo Equine Concepts

Are you providing the best diet for your horse?  Good nutrition is the cornerstone of having a healthy horse.  We think that by feeding hay and “grain” or a complete feed we are giving our horses a diet to support a high level of performance; but many complete feeds contain ingredients that are actually harmful to your horse’s health.  Dr. Mark recently wrote an article for the Arabian Horse World Magazine explaining the Glycemic Index and how you can use it to increase health & performance.


We recommend whenever you change your horses diet to low GI feed that you start with about the same amount of concentrate that you are feeding now.  Start with about 2/3 alfalfa pellet and 1/3 rice bran.  If you prefer to use something like beet pulp (W/O molasses) 1/3 beet pulp, 1/3 alfalfa pellets, 1/3 rice bran.  It is best to switch your horses’ diet gradually and include weekly to every other day dosing with a probiotic during the transition period.  Once your horse is accustomed to the new feed, it is recommended to add olive oil as a fat source if you feel like your horse needs to increase weight.


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