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A Poor Hair Coat Can Be A Sign Of Something Deeper

Did you know that a horse’s coat can reveal a lot about its health?

HHA_FL_largeA dull coat can be a lack of essential vitamins and minerals.  To test these critical levels, you might want to try Horse Hair Analysis®.  We simply send a small section of your horse’s mane to a lab for profile of a horse’s biochemistry.  Along with the lab results, Read more »


Could Horses Be Gluten Intollerant?

As someone who suffers from a gluten sensitivity myself, I’ve been wondering if horses could have this same issue.  Often times when horses with digestive problems transition to my recommended low glycemic diet, their health improves.

Even though soy is not addressed in the article, I firmly believe it is also a contributing factor to hind gut distress.  Soybean crops are typically “Roundup ready” or sprayed heavily with chemical herbicides leaving the hulls contaminated with these toxins.

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Feeding A Senior Horse

This question was written in to Dr. Mark and the answer is useful for anyone with a horse who has reached its golden years.

I have a senior mare that can no longer eat hay. I have been feeding her soaked Triple Crown senior and alfalfa pellets but am interested in getting her off the senior feed and giving her beet pulp, rice bran, and alfalfa pellets. I am not sure how much (how many pounds per day) of each she should be getting, though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Read more »


Horse Hair Analysis – Detoxing Heavy Metals (testimonial)

Here is a testimonial that was sent to us about Horse Hair Analysis.  As you will read, sometimes it is a bumpy road to getting your horse healthy but trust us, it will be worth it!

I hope by sharing our “journey” others will recognize the signs & symptoms and take action to correct their horse’s health sooner than later.

We brought Ace home Oct 2, 2010, Read more »


Tidbits From Dr. Mark

Often times Dr. Mark shares great thoughts and tips with his clients out in the field or on the phone.  Here are a few regarding general equine nutrition: Read more »


Chaste Tree Berry Powder for horses

Insulin Resistance (IR) in horses is very widespread either due to better detection and diagnosis or due to improper feeding, in particular grains and sweet feeds that are high on the Glycemic Index (chart below) meaning high in sugars.  Read more »